Micro tunneling

One of M.J. Eriksson's areas of competence is the Micro Tunneling process of piping for drainage and supply lines.

Micro Tunneling means that we drill and establishes a tunnel underground, and thus replaces an open excavation of large areas. Tunneling is unique due to it tunneling applications of through densely populated settlements and under buildings. This may also be applicable for the situations where you want to avoid closing a train or road stretch.

M.J. Eriksson's tunneling machine makes it possible to establish Concrete or HOBAS pipes with diameter from 600 mm up to 4000 mm, to a distance of 1,000 meters from the starting pit for receiving pit, construction of new pits if there is a need for longer passages.

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Climate change brings more frequent downpours, which in some parts of the country means that there can be an urgent need for the diversion of large amounts of water. In other areas the increasing amounts of precipitation creates the demand for more permanent groundwater lowering which creates a need for more permanent water drainage. In either case, the micro-tunneling being the solution to the problems.

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