Denmark has one of the most condensed and efficient road systems in the world, and for these road projects it is M.J. Eriksson that will carry out the first earthworks tasks and continue until the final work stages for the completion of the “LAR system” (local drainage of rainwater).

We carry out all earthworks and grading, move the soil for the utilization of noise barriers, infiltration plants, ponds & lakes. We also carry out the handling of polluted soils, providing secure landfill operations during the construction process and then haul the polluted soil for cleansing or long-term storage.

We complete both major and minor road projects within Denmark. We have built the highway between Hårup and Låsby, expanded the highway on Køge Bugt, and Holstebro between Gødstrup and Snejbjerg and built the ring road along Brande. When we built roads in the cities, we often also construct the roundabouts, footpaths, bridges and tunnels.

The major projects we carry out as the Lead Contractor or in cooperation with partners from Denmark and/or abroad.

Below, there are an example of a project where we have been the Lead Contractor.​

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