Denmark has more than 2.600 km. of operational railway lines, which are constantly being expanded, as well as undergoing major renovation works. M.J. Eriksson has extensive experience in the construction of new Railways as well as all the types of renovation works which we will carry out as Lead Contractor or in cooperation with partners from Denmark and/or abroad.

We will carry out the earthworks, piling and foundations, place the ballast and perform the track work. We also carry out all bridge, tunnel and platform construction works. Furthermore, we construct all Rail dams & track boxes, perform soft soil replacement and drainage works simultaneous with the other tasks. We have a team of specialists for the establishment of the prevention systems, commissioning, switch systems & testing and we can deliver the complete package for the expansion of the Danish Rail network.

M.J. Eriksson's Rail Department has employees ranging from the project organization to the technicians performing the track fittings. All our staff has extensive documented experience in railway works and are being continuously educated to keep up with all the associated requirements.​


The railway lines has connected the cities in Denmark since 1847. Today there is something called Inter City lines, regional lines, local lines, ring tracks, rail freight lines, commuter train lines and metro. In the coming years, we shall also get used to terminology such as light rails and high-speed lines.

At present light rails are being constructed in Aarhus and Odense.

The Danish Rail Department is building the high-speed railway between Copenhagen and Ringsted through Køge. These tracks are constructed for speeds up to 250 km/h., thus becoming Denmark's first high-speed rail.​

Approved partner

M.J. Eriksson has its own SR2- and SR1-work management team, which can handle most situations as well as the service along the tracks. We have for several years enjoyed the cooperation with both domestic and foreign track builders, and we can complete the entire project as the Lead Contractor. M.J. Eriksson is an Approved Contractor for the provision of Rail Security whilst working on Rail Net Denmark's infrastructure. (00176-08, 2011). The approval includes machine operators, sentry, rail rolling stock, SR supervisor 2, SR supervisor 1, Regional leader, railway safety plans.

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