Coastal Protection and Harbour Works

M.J. Eriksson has been carrying out coastal protection, piers and port facilities in the entire Nation. We complete these types of works, either as a Lead or Main Contractor. We will utilize the most suited subcontractors for the project, selected in relation to the size and complexity.

The Coastal Protection and Harbour Works usually involves dredging and moving large volumes of sand and soils. The associated sheet pilings works are completed as visible or non-visible as well as dam embankment slope protection utilizing fiber mesh matting, gravels and boulders.

We have extensive experience in Coastal Protection and Canal Construction Works, which we have carried out in all of the Nation´s major cities. We have also constructed several Harbours and Port facilities around the Denmark. We have all the necessary in-house experienced personnel as well as the specialized equipment to carry out all of the above mentioned tasks.

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