​Denmark has seen a substantial growth in the development of infrastructures like highways, roads and railways. M.J. Eriksson has been contributing to this growth by carrying out earthworks, drainage, irrigation, surfacing works and bridge works as well as all of the associated tasks.

We have the Nation’s largest and most modern construction machine fleet with more than 400 operational machines for civil engineering works on either belts or rubber wheels.

We are usually the first contractor to commence construction work with excavations and earth moving in preparation of the construction of highways, bypass roads, roundabouts, railways, supply lines and drainage work. We are also usually the last contractor to leave the site after the completion of the final earthworks levelling and restored the original surfaces and coatings in the form of paving, tiles, asphalt and landscaping.

For further information, please refer to the pages relating to the infrastructure tasks like Road, Railway, Coastal Protection and Harbour Works.

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