M. J. Eriksson is contributing in the development and the expansion of the Danish infrastructures

​As one of the Nation´s leading construction companies, M. J. Eriksson A/S is contributing in the development and the expansion of the infrastructures in Denmark. Our construction projects, which include a wide range of work areas in infrastructure, energy and utilities, environment & sanitation, construction & renovation, adaptation and further more.

M. J. Eriksson was founded in 1945 with a strong heritage dating back to 1920. M. J. Eriksson is based in Brøndby Strand and has evolved to be a nationwide organization. Today we employ more than 600 employees and carry out both large and small construction projects for both public and private developers and in all forms of contracts.

Strong competencies supported by a large machinery fleet

On each project, we have a dedicated team of experienced specialists to ensure firm focus on the control of quality, time and economy. We always ensure to enter in to close cooperation and dialogue with the client and its consultants to assist and advise in regards to the performance of the scope of works to bring fourth optimal solutions and synergies.

Our goal is always to ensure that the project is progressing with optimal quality and within the agreed time to the utmost client satisfaction.

The company's many years of experience with infrastructure projects constitutes a solid foundation for compliance with the objectives to meet the increasing demand for implementation of infrastructure projects of all types.

With more than 400 construction machines on either belt or rubber wheels for execution of infrastructure projects of all kinds, we possess a very extensive machine fleet, which includes specialized machinery for example tunneling works.

A dedicated organization

The company's strategy - through effective coordination between the technical and economic planning - to ensure that the company has lasting, positive development by systematically expanding the technical and staff resources. Such developments are achieved by being an active role with respect to

  • Providing a quality and a service that satisfies our clients.
  • Employ professionally qualified employees and focus on re-training the existing staff and training for young staff – ensuring an efficient future workforce.
  • Employing workers in an appropriate manner in accordance with the collective agreements as well as ensuring optimal working conditions in relation to health and safety.
  • Profound considerations in relation to the surrounding community and our environment.

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Gl. Køge Landevej 773, DK-2660 Brøndby Strand  |   Phone: +45 43 73 04 21  |   Mail: mje@mje.dk  |   CVR: 71432017

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