Reflecting on our own behavior, attitudes and values – CSR

With over 600 employees in Denmark, we are an important role model in relation to both the construction industry regarding all the works carried out within the Nation and in relation to the responsibilities that come with being an active part of our society. We have therefore established our five main focus areas in relation to our social responsibility - Corporate Social Responsibility.

We are assisting the development and expansion of the Nation´s infrastructure through a vast variety of construction projects, which we can only carry out successfully when:

  • We have optimal conditions in relation to the recruitment of our employees in terms of payment and working conditions.
  • We focus on health and safety.
  • We take the environment into consideration and carry out all works with minimal pollution.
  • We actively participate in providing the young staff with an education through an apprenticeship.
  • We ensure the continuous retraining of our employees.

Ensure that all employees are part of the collective agreement

It is M. J. Eriksson's goal to ensure a good workplace where employees are happy to go to work and thrive whilst carrying out their daily tasks. The prerequisite is that we are part of a management, which complies with all the relevant agreements.

This means that we do not subject our employees to conditions that are less favorable than those established for work of the same kind under the collective agreements.

Focus on Health and Safety

The safety of our employees, customers and partners are always in focus, especially since work on a construction site have an increased risk of accidents.

We believe that the continuous focus on health and safety requires a joint effort and collaboration across the entire organization. Our management is working to create a system, where the employees themselves are a main contributing factor in relation to carrying out the work in a safe and responsible manner so that accidents can be avoided, thus creating a good and healthy working environment as an integrated experience for all.

Caring for the environment

M. J. Eriksson is working actively to ensure a better environment for the benefit of us all. One of the most important attributes for ensuring optimal environmental conditions is often the incorporation of recycled materials into our contracts and work planning so that all tasks are optimized in terms of environmental conditions. The benefits achieved is not only advantageous for the environment but these environmental initiatives usually also means a financial gain for our company and our partners. 

Examples of environmental initiatives:

  • Instead of disposing of coatings to be cleared, we can often reuse them by taking the coatings through a rubble crusher and reuse it for the new coatings or subgrades.
  • We are working to reduce diesel and CO2 emissions, by organizing our tasks to minimize all transport distances in general. We also ensure that our employees turn off their machines instead having the engines idling.
  • We also minimize the use of power in our personnel compounds by utilizing motion and daylight sensors.

​Education of young staff

M. J. Eriksson is a growing company, which is a prerequisite for hiring of new staff. In this process, we are also very conscious of the fact that we as a company are dependent on what we can add to our own business as well as the industry´s future manpower which is needed to tackle future projects.

M. J. Eriksson is therefore working consciously to help ensuring that young people can get an education and employment in the industry. We ensure that our leaders prioritize youth education as an important part of the company's continued growth. We are currently employing new apprentices on a regular basis as a larger proportion of employees than ever before.

Retraining employees

To ensure that we can retain professional, competent and dedicated employees, we have a continuous education program to keep our staff up to date whilst incorporating some of the many interesting and challenging tasks that we experience through working for our clients.​

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