M.J. Eriksson is proud to take a major role in the nation’s largest civil works developments and infrastructures

​M.J. Eriksson is continuously taking a major role in contributing to some of Denmark´s largest and most complicated civil works developments and infrastructures. These include a wide range of works regarding infrastructure, energy and utilities, environment and sanitation, construction and renovation, climate adjustments and so forth.

We carry out major projects as Leading Main Contractors as well minor Subcontracts for both public and private developers.​For each project, we will select an experienced and dedicated team of specialists to ensure firm focus on control quality, time and economy. 

Furthermore, we always ensure close cooperation and good dialogue with the client and its consultants regarding the contract performance to bring forth joint optimal solutions and enhance a flowing process.

Our goal is always to ensure that our projects are progressing to the client´s utmost satisfaction, whilst providing the best quality

​ within the agreed time schedule.​​

Gl. Køge Landevej 773, DK-2660 Brøndby Strand  |   Phone: +45 43 73 04 21  |   Mail: mje@mje.dk  |   CVR: 71432017

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